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Party building

Party building

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Introduction to Dasu Electric Party Branch

Shanghai Dasu Electric Co., Ltd. has established a party branch, labor union, and league branch. The party branch was established in 2007. There are currently 18 party members, 6 party activists, and 12 people have submitted applications for party membership. In the party building work, we have always adhered to: “To study and implement the scientific development concept as the main line, to carry out work around the realization of the company’s business objectives as the branch center work, and to transform and decompose into each party member’s work based on the company’s annual policy goals and departmental decomposition goals. The job goal of the post allows the party building work to be organically combined with the company’s management work.”

On a daily basis, we combine the characteristics of private enterprises, use the company's production (quality) regular meeting to publicize and implement the company's party building and spiritual civilization construction every month, and use the regular meeting to give party members and party activists. All party members are required to be strict in self-discipline and play the role of leaders in various departments and workshops to drive the entire team. When there is a problem, if there is a problem with the management system, the leader of the team, especially the party members, will first take the responsibility and self-impose financial punishment. We have always insisted on doing this, so that the team has better cohesion, stronger combat effectiveness, and stronger execution.

The party branch set up a party branch website under the arrangement of the secondary party organization in the town and development zone. We also set up a personal password for each party member and party activist, who can enter the website to watch and express opinions in the forum. The company's party, government, industry, and league work together to build a corporate culture with company characteristics, which enhances the centripetal force and cohesion of the corporate team, and the company has also achieved rapid and sustainable development.

Party branch organization member

Party branch secretary: Yang Jiming

Deputy Party Secretary: Pan Zhiyong

Party members: Zhang Yi, Xu Lijun, Shuai Guohong, Liu Qi, Yuan Changbing, Liu Jingli, Hu Meili, Liu Zhangshun, Li Jiecai, Chen Chi, Huang Yuanlian, Qin Zhiyuan, Yang Bin, Ma Hailan, Huang Zhongche Wu Haidong

There are 18 party members.

Party member activities in September 2020-"Four Lines Warehouse, remembering the martyrs"

Dasu Electric Party Branch website

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